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About Us

Welcome to Korean School Association of America

Introduction of KOSAA
The Korean School Association of America was founded on Jan23, 1982.
The name of this non-profit organization shall be the Korean School Association of America (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”). The principal office of the Association shall be located in the City of Los Angeles, in the State of California, while the Association may have such other offices of the Regional Branch Associations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regional Associations”) located in the areas deemed necessary to expand the base of Korean language education.

  1. To enhance the mutual relationship and cooperation between Korean schools in America,
  2. To help improve the quality of Korean language and culture education and expand the base thereof,
  3. To help promote the pride of the descendants of Koreans and establish the identity through sound Korean language and culture education,
  4. To provide recommendations on the bilingual education policy in Korea and America and cooperate therein.

KOSAA support Weekend Korean Schools with so many activities, like events, seminars, providing textbooks, communication channels.
KOSAA has been promoting the teaching skill and providing new information and new technologies improved by educational researches to the teacher with teachers’ workshop & seminar.
KOSAA has also been promoting students to be bilingual leaders of our futures with annual Song festival, Speech contests, Motherland visits.
For all activities, KOSAA needs to raise heartwarming donations from all communities and entities for the next generation's prosperity.

Membership of Donor

$10,000 and up - Membership of Hun Min Jung Um
$5,000 and up - Membership of Shin Sa Im Dang
$1,000 and up - Membership of Se Jong Dae Wang
$500 and up - Membership of Yul Gok Yi Yi
$300 and up- Membership of Tei Gye Yi Hwang
$100 and up- Membership of Yi Soon shin

President & Staff
The Association shall have the Meeting of the Members, the Board of Directors and the Officers.

Programs and Activities
The Association shall perform each of the following programs and activities in order to achieve the purposes described in Missions.

  1. Development and dissemination of education curriculums and teaching methods of Korean schools
  2. Training for teachers of Korean schools
  3. Providing support for management of Korean schools
  4. Providing support and consultation for Regional Associations
  5. Holding various competitions to enhance the ability of students
  6. Selection of distinguished teachers and granting awards
  7. Holding academic conferences and publication of Association bulletins
  8. Holding educational seminars for parents
  9. Providing scholarship
  10. Other necessary programs and activities

Contact Us
(Korean Education Center 4F)
Phone: (213) 388-3345
FAX: (213) 388-3350
Email: kosaausa@gmail.com
Website: http://kosaa.korean.net
Facebook: www.facebook/kosaa.la.3
Open Hours: 10a.m- 6p.m M- F


미주 한국학교 총연합회(KOSAA)
Korean School Association of America
680 Wilshire Pl. Suite 415, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Tel. 213-388-3345 | Fax. 213-388-3350 | Email: kosaausa@gmail.com
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